Distance Counseling

Distance Counseling is a new way of enabling connection between clients and counselors. While we've always offered telephone (voice only) services for those times when a client can't make it into the office, the internet has opened up some new ways of interacting.

Video Chat uses a web cam, microphone, and speakers to enable face-to-face counseling without the hassles of commuting to the counselor's office. That's especially convenient when there is a long distance between client and counselor.

Skype is a free service that enables virtually anyone to take advantage of Story Restoration's services from just about anywhere in the world. You can download the software for your computer here.

Text Chat
uses a secure chat room to enable individuals and groups to interact with a counselor in real time. With a little bit of practice, chat can become a very powerful way of sharing your story, again without having to be face-to-face with our counselor. It's effective even with a slower (dial-up) connection.


Email is another way to interact with your counselor. It's helpful for longer stories and explanations if you don't have direct access to your counselor, and it's a very useful way of engaging with journaling or other writing assignments that may be a part of your therapy. It doesn't have the benefits of being “real time”, but it does have the advantage of a more considered response, since it's not bound by the constraints of appointment schedules.

To protect your privacy and comply with HIPPA regulations, our communication needs to be secured and encrypted.  I prefer to use Hushmail to secure both email and chat conversations.  You can open an account (it's free) and download their free email client  here.  Once that's done, you can also download their  secure chat client  if that's how you would like to communicate with me. Another option for chat is to use my  LivePerson  link.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about distance counseling

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